Sungmin Hong, Ph.D.

As a postdoctoral research fellow at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School for stroke research, I’m currently working on deep generative modeling of medical images to uncover clinically interpretable and flexible bioimaging markers that can improve the recovery of stroke patients. There is much more information in medical images than what we can see with bare eyes, even with those of trained experts. I believe we can uncover the hidden information and provide explainable imagine biomarkers with well-designed computational approaches using machine learning and statistics to improve healthcare for patients. To this extent, my research is focused on developing novel machine learning methods to enhance understanding of diseases and human anatomy, especially neurological diseases and a brain, through medical image analysis.

Email: shong20 [at]

Current Position

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, 2020~

JPK Stroke Research Center

Massachusetts General Hospital

Harvard Medical School


New York University, Ph.D. in CS, 2020.

Seoul National University, M.Sc. in EECS, 2013.

Seoul National University, B.Sc. in EE, 2011.